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PVL Health & Safety Statement

The PVL is monitoring the most up to date recommendations and guidelines as it pertains to youth sports. Should you have specific questions about health and safety requirements at specific facilities, please contact the facility directly. More information will be released leading up to the first PVL event.

Code of Conduct for Member Clubs, Coaches, Participants, and Spectators

PVL adheres to the standards set in place by USA Volleyball as it pertains to code of conduct requirements for member clubs, coaches, participants, and spectators. As part of the SCVA/USAV membership application process, all of the named groups above agree to abide by the code of conduct described by USA Volleyball. By entering PVL-hosted events, spectators agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the facility as it pertains to fair sportsmanship and respectable behavior.

Coach Training & Certification

As all member clubs must be USAV Members, and therefore all member coaches must complete SafeSport, be IMPACT-certified, and background-checked through SCVA. These requirements must be met to be part of the team roster to participate in the PVL.

USAV Age Definitions

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