Our Mission

We keep our member clubs’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

Aiming to promote the sport of volleyball through an organized, thoughtful, and consumer-friendly approach to tournament play.


A clean competitive tournament format and schedule that is fun for participants, with recognition of individual, team, and club efforts and achievements.


Member involvement to ensure the league provides our services at the highest level.


Excellent communication to our members inquiries with prompt and friendly responses from league director(s) and staff.


Our leadership team has 60+ years of combined experience in junior volleyball. They each have diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, and share a passion and love for the game youth volleyball. The leadership team will be supported by a responsive high-level administrative staff.

The PVLDifference

After a careful seeding process at the beginning of the series, teams of all levels will then proceed directly into competition against teams of equal caliber. This provides teams with balanced competition early in the season as a strategic priority of PVL. This ensures they are being challenged at every tournament and arrive ready to compete at national competitions.

  • Efficient and flexible tournament formats will give teams the opportunity to battle early and often, while simultaneously eliminating extraneous hours spent in the gym.
  • PVL intends to offer teams from outside the region with the option to participate in the tournament series. League members will then have the opportunity to face diverse competition within the comforts of their local league.
  • PVL leadership and administration is committed to creating a service-minded culture. This means every decision is made with the players, families, coaches, and clubs at the forefront, and applies to all facets of communication, registration, and logistics.

Season 3

PVL is excited to welcome your club’s complete team lineup in our member-focused league. Teams of all levels can expect to receive the benefits of PVL’s service-minded culture, friendly staff, thoughtful scheduling, and excellent communication. If you are interested in learning more about the league, please contact us.